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I SURRENDER: The TV meme that ate Manhattan

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New Show: Cross Keys Fair
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lost_spook wrote in isurrendered
Title: Cross Keys Fair
Prompt: From john_amend_all: "a supernatural espionage series set in the 1930s? Among the attractions at a travelling funfair is a sword in a stone: pay your ha'penny, and see if you can pull it out! Those who succeed find themselves enlisted in a secret organisation trying to police a fragile truce with the Fair Folk — as our heroine, a shopgirl enjoying her day at the fair, is about to discover..."
Type: UK drama/fantasy (6 x 1 hr episodes).
Setting: 1930s Britain
Starring: Sophie Rundle, Alun Armstrong, Laila Rouass, Lily James, Penelope Wilton, Rupert Graves & others.

"Where we touch your world, time and reality weaken. The air ripples, the ground shakes, just for a moment. And it cuts both ways. We need to undo the old ties, separate our two worlds before it's too late."

Emily Thornfield's decision to spend a day at Cross Keys Fair is one that's going to change her life. Trying to pull out (the obviously fake) sword from an (even more obviously fake) stone leads her to join a secret society who are working hard to save the world, or so they say. Because, as it turns out, Fairies and an awful lot of other strange creatures are real - and a centuries old truce between the Human and Fairy realms seems to be finally breaking down. The consequences for both could be disastrous...

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