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I SURRENDER: The TV meme that ate Manhattan

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New Show: Slice of Life
The Revenant
black_sluggard wrote in isurrendered
Title: Slice of Life
Prompt: "A zombie apocalypse where the zombies are the good guys!" by theladyscribe
(Er...minus the apocalypse. Sorry.)
Type: Hour-long procedural mystery/drama, with a horror twist. Late prime-time on NBC.
Setting: Modern-day, with an alternate history.
Starring: Christopher Heyerdahl, Mehki Phifer, Sean Maher, Jane Lynch, Genevieve Cortese, Moon Bloodgood, Jaimie Murray, Dougray Scott, John Glover, Ali Larter.
Opening Credits: "Shadows" by Lindsey Sterling (from 1:20 to 1:43, blending into 2:28 to 2:50).
Features time-lapse sequences of public places where the action is sped up with the exception of one or two pale, dejected looking people. The final sequences center on Reggie. (Inspired by the Slipknot video "Vermillion" and the opening to 4400.)
Closing Credits: Reprise of "Shadows".
Synopsis: Like most people, Homicide Detective Gordon Atwood (Phifer) has lived most of his life blissfully unaware of the daily lives of post-vitals—an undead minority that has existed on the fringes of society since the early '60s. Reggie Simpson (Heyerdahl) is a post-vital counselor—his job is to guide newly-infected post-vitals, helping them cope with the strange hardships of their new lives. When one of Reggie's patients is accused of murder, Reggie poses as the man's lawyer. After providing information on post-vitals clearing his patient of the crime, Reggie finds himself attached to the investigation as Atwood and his partner, Alex Keyes (Maher), investigate a gang extorting post-vitals. Reggie is later tapped by Atwood to consult on other cases involving post-vitals.

Or: Gordon is a cop, Reggie is a zombie, together they fight crime. )


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