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I SURRENDER: The TV meme that ate Manhattan

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New Show: Heroes of the Revolution
spooks - Harry/Ruth/Bench = ♥
lost_spook wrote in isurrendered
I thought it was about time to play this meme again and rashly surrendered. Here's the first result...

Title: Heroes of the Revolution
Prompt: From jjpor: It's the morning after the revolution before. The Evil Empire has fallen; the Plucky Rebels won against impossible odds, as Plucky Rebels tend to do. Now they've just got to deal with the messy aftermath and, you know, actually govern the place. Preferably without becoming like the regime they've just defeated.
Type: UK drama/sf from 1973/4 - one-off serial comprising 13x 50 minute episodes.
Setting: An alternate Britain, some time in (what was then) the near future (probably the 1990s).
Starring: Gemma Jones, Alfred Burke, Julian Glover, Diane Keen, Paul Eddington
Opening Credits: Theme (and incidental music) composed by Wilfred Josephs.

"The state has failed us, over and over, so we decide ourselves who to protect and who to betray, who to save and who to kill. This was no more, no less than that. Another act of conscience, if you like. Let's call it the final act of revolution - and remember we're all complicit in the crime."

A critically-acclaimed but long-forgotten (and doubtless studio-bound and dreary, shh, such things are awesome) 13 episode drama series from 1973/4 starring Gemma Jones, Alfred Burke, Julian Glover and Diane Keen.

Set in the near-future in an alternate (but not too different) reality, where a tyrannical regime has been in power in Britain for nearly three decades, a group of freedom fighters led by a man known as "Arran", finally defeat the dictator Hallam - and then a new battle begins, one where the lines are even less clear than before. It explores the ethics of power as a drama plays out between the victorious rebel leaders, the remnant of the old guard, and those who want to find more peaceful solutions for the future.

Main Cast & Setting

Recurring Characters & Full Episode Guide


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