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I SURRENDER: The TV meme that ate Manhattan

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New Show: Villains
[th] better things to do than survive
thatyourefuse wrote in isurrendered
TITLE: Villains

PROMPT: None. Really, I just got bored.
TYPE: Period gangster drama (BBC/HBO co-production, 13 hour-long episodes)
SUMMARY: 1973. Gangster Terry Marsh is the undisputed king of Lynchester, a fading industrial city in the north of England. Undisputed, that is to say, except for whoever hired the gunman who shot him three weeks ago -- and Terry's beginning to suspect it was one of his own men. Meanwhile, rock demigod Johnny Marx is coming back to his hometown after spending six months and five continents trying to forget the death of his bandmate, setting off a chain of events that threatens to turn the entire business upside down.

TITLE THEME: The Animals -- House of the Rising Sun

TAGLINE: Take a walk on the wild side.



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