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I SURRENDER: The TV meme that ate Manhattan

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New show: Open Skies
Leverage: OT3 corner
uberniftacular wrote in isurrendered
Name: Open Skies
Type: hour-long sci-fi/drama airing on SyFy; summer hiatus show with 13 episodes per season
Synopsis: Captained by gambler and socialite Susannah Cassay, the fancy passenger airship Endymion, which makes trans-Atlantic voyages between the ports of Boston, London, and New York, caters to the rich and powerful, who prefer to travel in comfort and style. Some, like the wealthy Charlie Fulton, prefer this method of travel so much they choose to live on board, renting a permanent room, befriending (and sometimes dating) members of the crew as well as fellow passengers. Others, like the mysterious “Johanna Engall” (whose real name nobody knows) come and go, bringing odd occurrences in their wake. OPEN SKIES chronicles the daily lives of the crew of this ship, their friendships and feuds, as well as their adventures when dealing with unexpected happenings and trying to figure out who or what their Mysterious Stranger may be.
Theme song: Come Sail Away – Styx
Closing credits: changes each week, but always a song by Abney Park; songs usually selected for relevance to the episode’s plot.

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Steampuuuuuuuunk represent! Looks like a lot of fun.

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