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I SURRENDER: The TV meme that ate Manhattan

Villains S2
[th] better things to do than survive
And not too far behind schedule, either!

Villains S2

SUMMARY: 1974. Ten months after his driver and -- unbeknownst to him -- his wife attempted to unseat Terry Marsh from his position as ruler of Lynchester's criminal underworld, the Firm is getting its feet again with the aid of Big Eddie Acton, a legendary porn producer back in town with big ideas. However, the consequences of past actions are proving increasingly difficult to dodge -- as are Terry's still-mutinous wife, his restless subordinates, and an unexpectedly compelling new business associate.

TAGLINE: The boys are back.


New Show: Cross Keys Fair
Northanger reading, reading
Title: Cross Keys Fair
Prompt: From john_amend_all: "a supernatural espionage series set in the 1930s? Among the attractions at a travelling funfair is a sword in a stone: pay your ha'penny, and see if you can pull it out! Those who succeed find themselves enlisted in a secret organisation trying to police a fragile truce with the Fair Folk — as our heroine, a shopgirl enjoying her day at the fair, is about to discover..."
Type: UK drama/fantasy (6 x 1 hr episodes).
Setting: 1930s Britain
Starring: Sophie Rundle, Alun Armstrong, Laila Rouass, Lily James, Penelope Wilton, Rupert Graves & others.

"Where we touch your world, time and reality weaken. The air ripples, the ground shakes, just for a moment. And it cuts both ways. We need to undo the old ties, separate our two worlds before it's too late."

Emily Thornfield's decision to spend a day at Cross Keys Fair is one that's going to change her life. Trying to pull out (the obviously fake) sword from an (even more obviously fake) stone leads her to join a secret society who are working hard to save the world, or so they say. Because, as it turns out, Fairies and an awful lot of other strange creatures are real - and a centuries old truce between the Human and Fairy realms seems to be finally breaking down. The consequences for both could be disastrous...

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New show: Murder at Mallerton

When the meme was revived, I surrendered twice. My second prompt, from jjpor, was:

A good old classical country house murder mystery, with a twist; nobody had lived in this particular country house for a long time. All the characters are ghosts.

Since this prompt, just like my previous one, centred around ghosts, I couldn't resist putting the two in the same continuity.

Title: Murder at Mallerton
Premise: In the 1930s, Mallerton Manor burned down under suspicious circumstances, killing several people. Their ghosts haunt the ruin to this day, unable to rest until the mystery is solved. And a fatal accident has just added Sally Reade, an innocent tourist from the present day, to their number.
Genre: Drama

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New Show: Heroes of the Revolution
spooks - Harry/Ruth/Bench = ♥
I thought it was about time to play this meme again and rashly surrendered. Here's the first result...

Title: Heroes of the Revolution
Prompt: From jjpor: It's the morning after the revolution before. The Evil Empire has fallen; the Plucky Rebels won against impossible odds, as Plucky Rebels tend to do. Now they've just got to deal with the messy aftermath and, you know, actually govern the place. Preferably without becoming like the regime they've just defeated.
Type: UK drama/sf from 1973/4 - one-off serial comprising 13x 50 minute episodes.
Setting: An alternate Britain, some time in (what was then) the near future (probably the 1990s).
Starring: Gemma Jones, Alfred Burke, Julian Glover, Diane Keen, Paul Eddington
Opening Credits: Theme (and incidental music) composed by Wilfred Josephs.

"The state has failed us, over and over, so we decide ourselves who to protect and who to betray, who to save and who to kill. This was no more, no less than that. Another act of conscience, if you like. Let's call it the final act of revolution - and remember we're all complicit in the crime."

A critically-acclaimed but long-forgotten (and doubtless studio-bound and dreary, shh, such things are awesome) 13 episode drama series from 1973/4 starring Gemma Jones, Alfred Burke, Julian Glover and Diane Keen.

Set in the near-future in an alternate (but not too different) reality, where a tyrannical regime has been in power in Britain for nearly three decades, a group of freedom fighters led by a man known as "Arran", finally defeat the dictator Hallam - and then a new battle begins, one where the lines are even less clear than before. It explores the ethics of power as a drama plays out between the victorious rebel leaders, the remnant of the old guard, and those who want to find more peaceful solutions for the future.

Main Cast & Setting

Recurring Characters & Full Episode Guide

New show: Ghostriders
lost_spook revived the meme, and I was so rash as to surrender.

What if there's a literal ghost train network along all the disused/closed railway lines, (of course, incorporating lost Underground stations, too). And the people who know about it and, er, have to guard the secret/use it for stuff/haunt it. Anyway "ghost train network", whatever you can do with that.

Title: Ghostriders
Premise: Two students find the way onto a ghostly rail network. But getting out alive isn't as easy.
Genre: Drama

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New Show: Villains
[th] better things to do than survive
TITLE: Villains

PROMPT: None. Really, I just got bored.
TYPE: Period gangster drama (BBC/HBO co-production, 13 hour-long episodes)
SUMMARY: 1973. Gangster Terry Marsh is the undisputed king of Lynchester, a fading industrial city in the north of England. Undisputed, that is to say, except for whoever hired the gunman who shot him three weeks ago -- and Terry's beginning to suspect it was one of his own men. Meanwhile, rock demigod Johnny Marx is coming back to his hometown after spending six months and five continents trying to forget the death of his bandmate, setting off a chain of events that threatens to turn the entire business upside down.

TITLE THEME: The Animals -- House of the Rising Sun

TAGLINE: Take a walk on the wild side.


New Show: Slice of Life
The Revenant
Title: Slice of Life
Prompt: "A zombie apocalypse where the zombies are the good guys!" by theladyscribe
(Er...minus the apocalypse. Sorry.)
Type: Hour-long procedural mystery/drama, with a horror twist. Late prime-time on NBC.
Setting: Modern-day, with an alternate history.
Starring: Christopher Heyerdahl, Mehki Phifer, Sean Maher, Jane Lynch, Genevieve Cortese, Moon Bloodgood, Jaimie Murray, Dougray Scott, John Glover, Ali Larter.
Opening Credits: "Shadows" by Lindsey Sterling (from 1:20 to 1:43, blending into 2:28 to 2:50).
Features time-lapse sequences of public places where the action is sped up with the exception of one or two pale, dejected looking people. The final sequences center on Reggie. (Inspired by the Slipknot video "Vermillion" and the opening to 4400.)
Closing Credits: Reprise of "Shadows".
Synopsis: Like most people, Homicide Detective Gordon Atwood (Phifer) has lived most of his life blissfully unaware of the daily lives of post-vitals—an undead minority that has existed on the fringes of society since the early '60s. Reggie Simpson (Heyerdahl) is a post-vital counselor—his job is to guide newly-infected post-vitals, helping them cope with the strange hardships of their new lives. When one of Reggie's patients is accused of murder, Reggie poses as the man's lawyer. After providing information on post-vitals clearing his patient of the crime, Reggie finds himself attached to the investigation as Atwood and his partner, Alex Keyes (Maher), investigate a gang extorting post-vitals. Reggie is later tapped by Atwood to consult on other cases involving post-vitals.

Or: Gordon is a cop, Reggie is a zombie, together they fight crime. )

New show: Open Skies
Leverage: OT3 corner
Name: Open Skies
Type: hour-long sci-fi/drama airing on SyFy; summer hiatus show with 13 episodes per season
Synopsis: Captained by gambler and socialite Susannah Cassay, the fancy passenger airship Endymion, which makes trans-Atlantic voyages between the ports of Boston, London, and New York, caters to the rich and powerful, who prefer to travel in comfort and style. Some, like the wealthy Charlie Fulton, prefer this method of travel so much they choose to live on board, renting a permanent room, befriending (and sometimes dating) members of the crew as well as fellow passengers. Others, like the mysterious “Johanna Engall” (whose real name nobody knows) come and go, bringing odd occurrences in their wake. OPEN SKIES chronicles the daily lives of the crew of this ship, their friendships and feuds, as well as their adventures when dealing with unexpected happenings and trying to figure out who or what their Mysterious Stranger may be.
Theme song: Come Sail Away – Styx
Closing credits: changes each week, but always a song by Abney Park; songs usually selected for relevance to the episode’s plot.

Show: (Re)Group
turn you on turn you out
title: (Re)Group
premise: The semi-estranged members of a massively popular late '90s boy band go on a reunion tour. Shenanigans ensue.
genre: Comedy/drama
miscellaney: Running time, one hour; twelve episodes in season one.

as long as there's music, we'll be coming back again!Collapse )

show: Morningstar
other: whir!
Title: Morningstar
Prompt: Mytharchical War in Heaven show
Type: Tragic romance? Ensemble drama?
Starring: George Takei, David Krumholtz, Morena Baccarin, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Jessica Alba, Shannyn Sossamon, Isaiah Mustafa
Opening Credits: On the Turning Away, Pink Floyd
Closing Credits: Faithless, Rush
Synopsis: This is what happens when you break up with God.
For further information: see this post


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